NFAVS – Nottingham Farm Animal Veterinary Society

NFAVS is a group for students (past, present and future!) of the University of Nottingham who have an interest in pursuing a career in farm animal veterinary work.
NFAVS was set up by Liz Cresswell, Sam Ecroyd, Reuben Newsome and Kate Sessford.

Our aim is to provide extra teaching, trips and information for students who want to go into farm practice, and to bridge that gap that inevitably occurs between what we’re taught in lectures and working in real life practice.

Our plans for the coming year include:

– Trips – farm walks, local farm practicals and farmer meetings at veterinary practices.
– Talks, seminars, debates and case studies to be run by speakers internal and external to the vet school.
– FAVS Congress – being held at Bristol, 2014
– To be a source of information for everything farm vet related going on at SB and further afield
– Form an alumni group for Nottingham farm vets

We are a subcommittee of Vet Soc, so if you’re a Vet Soc member there is no additional membership fee, and you can participate as much or as little as you like! Non-Vet Soc members are welcome to attend events with a small fee starting from £1 for talks and £3 for practicals.

For more information check out our facebook page, follow us on twitter or have a gander down the SGTR corridor!

Co-ordinator: Melissa Bexon
Deputy Co-ordinator: Daniel Lomas
Finance Officer: Jake Thompson

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Nottingham Farm Animal Veterinary Society