XL Vets and NFAVS March Practical

Practical Workshop on the Bovine Displaced Abomasum”


“Demystifying the Routine Fertility Visit”

On Wednesday 6th of March Rob Henderson and Steve Smith of Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd. will be delivering a double practical session to students at Nottingham Farm Animal Veterinary Society.

Rob Henderson will be looking at all aspects of DAs in cattle, including identification, treatment, management and prevention.

Steve Smith, also of Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd. will be talking to students about routine fertility visits, attempting to explain the subtle nuances of farmer-vet interactions.


What a fluke!

On Wednesday 30th January 2013 a group of Nottingham Veterinary students attended a session on Liver Fluke by Lindsay Rochford, Professional Services Vet for Novartis.

Lindsay gave an interesting and informative presentation on liver fluke, covering all aspects of epidemiology, life cycle, recognition of clinical signs, treatment and management. Everyone found the presentation very useful, especially the updates on the current liver fluke status in the UK and the widespread problems that are being seen at the moment due to the prolonged wet weather.

After listening to many tales from the front lines and picking Lindsay’s brains on all things fluke related the group moved to a practical session examining livers sourced from a local abattoir for signs of fluke. This was a very successful practical, with most people not only finding evidence of fluke damage in the livers but also retrieving adult fluke from within the liver architecture and bile ducts.

Nottingham Farm Animal Veterinary Society would like to thank Lindsay and Novartis for all their time and effort in developing and delivering this fantastic session.

Students examining liver specimens for signs of fluke with Lindsay Rochford from Novartis.
Students examining liver specimens for signs of fluke with
Lindsay Rochford from Novartis.











Sam Ecroyd

NFAVS Vice-President